We conduct various adventure treks & hikes in and around Tirthan Valley. We have a team of highly qualified Professional guides and trekkers with state of the art equipments.

Chehani Kothi Hike

Route with timing

Duration: 1 day
Altitudes: Start: 1950 mts. — Highest : 2140 mts.
Best Time: Throughout the year

The hike starts from the village of Bihar.It is a moderate trail that delves you into the forest,exposing you to the traditional village of Chehani Kothi. The village where stands Himachal Pradesh’s tallest temple—Chehani Kothi. The villagers are God Fearing people, mostly occupied in servicing the local Devata—Shri Shringa Rishi. The history of the Devata can be gathered from the pujari. A hike of half an hour from Chehani Kothi, leads to Myagi. Another village mostly famous for the spectacular view of the snow capped Himalayan Peaks. It has approximately twenty families, dominantly engaged in agriculture.

Hike to Park Gate

Route with timing

Duration: 1 day
Altitudes: Start: 1590 mts. — Highest : 2000 mts.
Best Time: Throughout the year, but better to avoid monsoon time (July-August)

Hike from Gushaini to the entry gate of the GHNP and back. The trail goes smoothly to the Park Gate along the Tirthan river, crossing a few villages and beautiful forests.

It is a nice hike for those who want to approach the Park in only one day. At the gate, the Tirthan river and its environment is fascinating.

There is no steep slopes on the way. Difference of altitude between departure and arrival is 410 metres. The walk to the Parks Gate and back takes a total of 5 hours

You can have your lunch at the Park Gate where there is a very peaceful campsite beside the river.

Village Hike

Route with timing

Duration: 1 day
Altitudes: Start: 2170 mts. — Highest : 2550 mts.
Best Time: March to June and October to December

The hike starts from the village Pekhari (2170 mts) accessible by a jeep able road. The trail goes through the beautiful villages of Lakcha (2550 mts) and then Nahin (2300 mts), from where you have a spectacular view on the Park area.
You come down along with the Tirthan River up to Gushaini by a path frequented by many villagers. You have your lunch in the village Nahin.

Serolsar Lake via Jalori

Route with timing

Duration: 1 day
Altitudes: Start: 3130 mts. — Highest : 3230 mts.
Best Time: From April to June and October to November

Day starts with a jeep safari to Jalori pass (3130m) via a spectacular road winding through a beautiful forest environment. From Jalori pass, enjoy an amazing scenic view of the Himalayas. A trail starts from the pass and goes up and down to a small charming mountain lake. It has an amazing atmosphere! Not very surprising that there are many legends about the place.

The return trip takes about 2 or 3 hours walk in total. No steep slopes, the trails is relatively comfortable. Our Serolsar lake package includes, the jeep safari to Jalori pass, a guide to lead you to the lake, lunch at the lake, and coming back to your guest house/homestay/camp.

Bashleo Pass Trek

Route with timing

Duration: 5 days / 4 nights
Altitudes: Start: 2200 mts. — Highest : 3280 mts.


Reach Banjar from Manali by road 97 Kms and from here another road for Bathad via Gushani village. Gushani loacated on the confluence of river Tirthan and palchan nullah is a picturesque village. Over night at the camp. 4-5 hrs drive.


After B/F trek start to Bathad village. It takes 4 hrs to reach the Bathad village. Bathad offers a comfortable camping site. Camp near the village.


Though slightly long, it is an enjoyable trek gradually traversing green fields and thick forests. Bashelo Pass which is located on tree line divide Beas and Sutlej valleys, The panoramic view on both sides is breathtaking. camp near the pass. Walking hrs. 4-5.


From Beshleo Pass the desent upto the village Kullu- Sarahan 3 kms is through thick mixed forests and is well demarcated. From the top this village can be very easily spotted. 4-5 hrs walking time.


From Kullu Sarahan a comfortable bridal trek through small hamlets and cultivated fields leads to Arsu . the trek will be end here Arsu. From Arsu Taxi will be pickup for Rampur or Shimla. Over night at Hotel. Walking time 3-4 hrs.

Raktisar Trek

Route with timing

Duration: 8 days
Altitudes: Lowest: 1770 mts. — Highest : 3900 mts.
Best Time: April to June and October to November

Day 1:

The trek starts from Niharni in Sainj valley whose charm has been spoiled by an hydroelectric project under construction. It takes about 3 to 4 hours along the beautiful Sainj River to reach the Shakti trekker huts. It is an ideal walking day to get accustomed to the trail and the altitude. The route goes through beautiful forests with amazing biodiversity. Shakti is a small village where resides a very powerfull local god. The god has refused the shifting of both villages Shakti and Maraur at the time of creation of the Park.

The tents are pitched up at the comfortable camp site. You enjoy your evening dinner under the stars and then retire for the night to your tent.

Day 2:

On day 2 either one can hike up to Maraur or directly to Parkachi Thach. In case one camps at at Maraur for the night, the day hike can be completed at a relaxed pace. This is advised only for those who are not sure about their stamina. The night at Maraur is comfortable like the previous night at Shakti.
In case one decides to proceed directly to Parkachi via Maraur in one day, it will be a long day walk. One starts early in the morning after breakfast so that there will be time to halt on the way. Lunch is at Maraur. One reaches Parkachi in the evening.

Day 3:

Maraur to reach Parkachi Thach. Parkachi Thach is located at an altitude where forests fade away to be replaced by beautiful grasses and flowers. Once again enjoy dinner under the stars and retire to your comfortable tent at the camp site.

Day 4:

The forests give way to grasses as one goes above the tree-line. The trail becomes rocky. The distance covered in this stage of the trek is not much but the path is steeper. There might be snow around in some months of the year. This part of GHNP is also the abode of musk deer, blue sheep, Himalayan Thar or even snow leopards around Raktisar. One arrives at Raktisar by the afternoon.

Camping at Raktisar is a fabulous experience. Wear warm clothes, the weather can get cold rapidly at this altitude. No camp fire is started since there is no forest and no wood.

Raktisar is at the heart of the GHNP and it is the source of the Sainj River. It is the meeting point of two large glaciers which have retreated because of global warming. You can see their impressive crevices in both the converging valleys. Notice also the large moraines that they have left in the valley.

On a clear night, enjoy the light from the stars reflected on the glaciers. It is an unforgettable and magical experience.

Day 5:

Spend the morning exploring the valley. There are spots high up in the valley where our guides can take you. It is a excellent place to spot wildlife. After breakfast start going back Parkachi Thach and set up your camp again.

Day 6:

Day 6 is a rest day at Parkachi Thach. There are rich varieties of birdlife.

Day 7 and  8:

A relaxed descent back to Niharni with a night at Shakti.

Shilt Hut Trek

Route with timing

Duration: 4 days
Altitudes: Lowest: 1590 mts. — Highest : 3000 mts.
Best Time: April to June and October to November

Day 1:

The first step of this trek is Rolla.

Day 2:

From Rolla you continue your path via the Tirthan river. Soon you will follow a narrow trail which climbs steeply across the forest. In the forest you’ll explore great and rare varieties of birds and mammals.

You’ll reach Shilt hut in another 3 hours. Spend the day sightseeing and experience the majestic glaciers. After setting up the camp at Shilt, enjoy the campfire and your meal under a starry night.

Day 3:

Don’t miss the beautiful sunrise. You won’t forget the view for the rest of your life. Observe the birds early morning. The changing colors of the sky are another treat you shouldn’t miss. Have a relaxed afternoon and a lazy lunch. Descend toward Rolla where you’ll spend one more night.

Day 4:

Descend to Gushaini on the same trial. When back amongst civilization, you’ll surely miss the bliss of the mountains.

Lambhri-Serolasar-Jalori Pass Trek

Route with timing

Duration: 4 days
Best Time: April to June and October to November


The journey begins with briefing & updating on Himachal Leisure camping. Morning short lecture on local flora, fauna ecology and enviourmental followed by familiarization programme and after breakfast start journey to BARASARI (Tredistional Village). Packed lunch & evening snacks served on the way, Camp at BARASARI.


Morning Breakfast and start Hiking to LAMBHRI TOP, Packed lunch & evening snacks served on the way, Camp at LAMBHRI TOP. The place of gods and you can see the natural meadows and forest.


Morning Breakfast and start walking to SEROLSAR, Packed lunch & evening snacks served on the way, Camp AT SEROLSAR.
AT SEROLSAR there is natural holy lake and dense forest. SEROLSAR is a beautiful place.


Morning Breakfast and start walking to JALORI PASS, Packed lunch served on the way, JALORI PASS is the PASS between INNER SERAJ & OUTER SERAJ This also a beautiful place. In the evening by motor coach trekker will reach back at GUSHANNI Camp.

Up to Tirath/Tirthan Valley Trek

Route with timing

Duration: 8 days
Best Time: April to June and October to November
A beautiful hike with many habitat transitions. Tirath, the origin of the Tirthan River is a pilgrimage site for the local community.
Day 1:

Gushaini (1500m) to Rolla (2100m): Walk through Ecozone of GHNP. Gentle gradient at the beginning of trek. Distance: 10 kms.

Day 2:

Rolla to Nada (3300m) Thach: Moderate to strenuous climb through oak and conifer forests. A prominent tree god near Chalocha (2450 m) from where the climb starts. Possible sightings of Himalayan Tahr or Black Bear. Nada thatch (meadow) very good for bird watching. Distance: 12 kms.

Day 3:

Nada Thach to Majhoni (3800m): Gradual to steep descent through forests. Distance: 12 kms.

Day 4:

Majhoni to Tirath (4000m) and back Majhoni: Moderate gradient leading into the vast meadow of Tirath Offering views of magnificent mountain panoramas. Tirath, the origin of Tirthan river has a glacial lake which is sacred to the villagers of Tirthan valley. Vegetation is stunted showing influence of extreme cold temperatures. Distance: 8 kms.

Day 5:

Trek from Majhoni to Nada Thach. Distance: 12 kms.
Day 6: Rest day at Nada. Bird watching.

Day 7:

Nada Thatch to Rolla-descent. Distance: 12 km.

Day 8:

Rolla to Gushaini. Distance: 10 km.
Total Distance: 76 kms.

The destination place & numbers of days in this track can also be adjusted as per the Requirements of Tracker Group.